ACME Detection Services

ACME Detection Van

ACME Detection Non-invasive Method: You won’t have to tear up your expensive kitchen floor when the leak is actually in the bathroom.

Line Locating

We can locate a variety of utility lines including plumbing, electrical, tv.telephone, gas…

Infrared Imaging

Our thermal imaging technology saves you money. From finding the source of the problem to identifying the extent of damage.

Sewer & Drain

With our Duct Hunter locating rod, we have the ability to find even the most hard to reach lines.

Roofs & Walls

Paint discoloration spots. When wallboard gets wet from the inside it will often show distenct water marks or staining on the painted surface.

Slab Leaks

A slab leak can be a major headache if not addressed in a timely manner and unfortunately every year we run into people who wait too long to call us.

Swimming Pools

As any pool owner knows, it is important to regularly check water levels as they are a sure sign of your pool’s health. *

* We cannot offer “Swimming Pools” service at this time. Please call our friends at the American Leak Detection franchise for help — (866) 701-5306


The deeper the leak is, the harder is to detect accurately. While our normal accuracy is less than the depth of the leak, we guarantee to be within twice the depth of the leak, or you will get a full refund.

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