Five Reasons Santa Barbara has so many Slab Leaks

Five Reasons Santa Barbara has so many Slab Leaks

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A slab leak is one of the biggest headaches any homeowner can face. It’s damaging to your home. Your water bill is going to be expensive. You might lose your new hardwood floors. Unfortunately, a slab leak is very common in Santa Barbara. While frustrating, they have their causes. Here are 5.

Hard Water

Hard water mineral deposit pipe corrosion, Santa Barbara

It’s no secret, Santa Barbara has some of the hardest water in the country (on average 3-4 times harder than the national average). This means it is high in dissolved minerals, specifically calcium, magnesium, and iron. Over time, these minerals wreak havoc on pipes. As you can see in the above picture, mineral deposits form in the pipes. These deposits then eat away at the pipe, eventually creating the dreaded slab leak.

Trembles, shakes, Earthquakes

Earthquake wall damage, Santa Barbara

You might notice doors that don’t close quite like they used to or maybe your pictures are starting to hang crooked. There’s no denying it. The ground in Santa Barbara is moving. Every time the ground shifts, so does the slab. This movement strains the pipes and creates one more reason a slab leak might happen in your home.

Plant Roots

Water line tree root damage, Santa Barbara

This drought has everyone looking for water. Trees are no exception. In these trying times, roots are more likely than ever to wrap around your pipes. Once a pipe is in their grasp, a tree will do everything possible to feed itself- including growing into your slab and creating your next slab leak.

High Water Pressure

Municipal water supply pressure regulator, Santa Barbara

It’s not easy getting water in Santa Barbara. Just ask Oprah. The landscape is sprawling. The trees are thick. Our water companies have to run supply lines up steep hillsides and around winding roads. This has lead to a reliance on many high pressure systems to pump water. When left unchecked, these systems can knock your water line right out. To best prevent this, it is important to have a working pressure regulator valve like the one pictured above. This will keep the water pressure from the street to a minimum and reduce the strain on your pipes.


Overwatering house wall damage, Santa Barbara

When it comes to watering, some people get a little carried away. You would be amazed how many suspected slab leak calls are simply for overwatering. While we love how enthusiastic Santa Barbara is about gardening, we encourage people to give it a rest(particularly if they suspect a leak). If the area is still wet after three days of no water, give us a call.

We hope this article helps you. There are several reasons why your Santa Barbara  home would have a slab leak and these are some of the most common. If you have any further questions, please give us a call. Stay water wise!

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