Santa Barbara Drought: Maintaining Your Home and Utilizing Your Water Resources to Prevent Leaks

Santa Barbara Drought: Maintaining Your Home and Utilizing Your Water Resources to Prevent Leaks

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Be proud to live here!

While Santa Barbara is in the midst of the worst drought on record, the city does have one of the best conservation records in the state. Our neighbors readily use their water resources and leak detection services to fight the water crisis. In April 2015, water use in the city was cut 28% from the previous year with the average resident using only 65.7 gallons of water a month. Goleta was even more committed, using only 55 gallons a person per month. Compare this with the statewide average of roughly 90 gallons a day and you will realize how environmentally conscious our community is. Whether diverting water from washing machines or collecting the little rainwater we do receive, Santa Barbarans are, in our humble opinion, nothing short of amazing in their efforts to conserve.

We can Always do More

However, not everyone feels this way. Many people think we are not doing enough to conserve water. In their defense, we can always know and do more. The stage three drought is in full effect and our two local water reservoirs are dwindling. Lake Cachuma is at 26% capacity and Jameson Lake is nearing deadpool status. The reopening of a desalination plant will require a massive amount of energy. It will emit greenhouse gases, and we will ultimately be forced into paying higher water rates. While we don’t want to get political, we want people to be aware of these issues. There are a number of things to consider aside from planting drought resistant plants and letting your green lawn die.

Santa Barbara’s Hard Water

Santa Barbara has some of the hardest water in the country. This means our water is high in dissolved minerals. These minerals will not only wreak havoc on laundry, but also erode pipes much more quickly than softened water. If you have the means, we highly recommend a water softener. This will reduce your chances of suffering at the hands of a pinhole leak, and depriving our community of its much needed water supply.

Free Water Checkups

You can call for a free check up from your water provider. In Santa Barbara, the most common company would be the City of Santa Barbara, which you reach at 805-564-5460. If you live the surrounding areas, the other companies are:

  • La Cumbre Mutual Water Company (805) 967-2376 ext 15
  • Goleta Water District (805) 964-6761
  • Montecito Water District (805) 969-2271
  • Carpinteria Water District (805) 684-2816
  • For larger properties you can call the Cachuma Resource Conservation District at (805) 928-9269, ext 106, for an irrigation evaluation.

While Acme specializes in leak detection, these companies can help you with day to day operations. These tasks include reading your meter, evaluating all water uses on your property, creating an irrigation schedule, and providing recommendations on running your water systems with improved efficiency.

Santa Barbara Water Waste Hotline

There is a hotline to report water waste. While we don’t want to encourage “snitching”, we think it is important to have a sense of neighborhood watch when it comes to water use. If you see a hydrant overflowing or a hose pointed down the sewer, we encourage you to call the Water Conservation Hotline at (805) 564-5460 or email
We hope these tidbits help you continue to be SB water wise. We are all in this together and want to keep our community runnin efficiently. Take care and don’t forget to turn off the sink!

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