Local Goleta Leak Detection

Local Goleta Leak Detection

Acme understands Goleta Leak Detection

Acme Detection employees have worked in Goleta for the past 30 years. Many are life long residents and pride themselves on their local connection. However when it comes to Goleta Leak Detection, there is no shortage of selection. While there are several franchised companies servicing all of Santa Barbara county, we think it is important to shop local, particularly when it comes to your Goleta home.

Goleta: Small town feel, big city reach.

Goleta is at the edge of the gigantic urban sprawl encompassing Southern California. After passing Winchester Canyon, the highway finally breaks out into open fields for the first time since the Mexican Border. Here, traffic is manageable. People are friendly. The quality of life is generally very high. However, the urban jungle is never far. We frequently run into companies coming from as far away as Orange County to work here.

While these companies do provide some quality services, we have experienced several accountability issues with companies headquartered over an hour away. It is important to remember that warranty issues are commonplace. If an issue arises after the job is done, it’s much more likely the company will return to fix it if they are always in the area. The same goes for billing. If your bill is outrageous, a local manager is much more likely to discuss it. While certain companies offer lower rates, it is important to remember you often “get what you pay for”. If you have any doubts about a contractor’s reliability, we’d look into it.

Finding an Actual Leak Detection Company in Goleta

When you think you’ll need a Goleta Leak Detection, it’s important to find an actual leak detection company. Any google search for leak detection will list hundreds of companies that claim they perform “leak detection services”. However, this often a guise. The majority of these companies are “restoration specialists”.

These “restoration specialists” are usually large chain brands that profit from your pain. Upon receiving your call, they will send a technician out for a leak detection. However instead of simply locating your leak, this tech will find water damage or mold everywhere. They will then be talking you into calling their plumber and demolition team wracking up a $10,000 repair you are now locked into. To avoid this, we first recommend shopping local.  The majority of these companies operate out of town. Look for a physical address in Santa Barbara, not a P.O box. Second look at their services. It sounds silly, but less is usually better. When they offer every kind of disaster relief under the sun, they’re probably one of these companies looking to make your small leak into another “water damage crisis”.

Paradise comes at a price: Watch your watering!

Goleta is still part of Southern California.  Water is very expensive and your bill from the Goleta Water District is going to be higher than your friends’ in other parts of the country.  We are in stage 2 of the water shortage, leading the Goleta City Government to impose mandatory water use restrictions. These laws restrict automatic outdoor waterings for fixed irrigation systems. Currently, local Goleta businesses are only allowed to use their automatic outdoor water systems on Tuesdays and Fridays while residents are limited to Wednesdays and Saturdays. When watering by hand, Goleta residents are allowed to water by hand before 10AM and after 4pm.

These restrictions are all in line with the mandatory state emergency regulations. There is little anyone can do to change this until the rain gods come back to bless us. In the meantime, our Goleta leak detection service is here to help. We have lived and worked in the area for years and can help you to avoid violating these restrictions. If there is anything we can do feel free to give us a call 805-565-5325. Take care and be waterwise!

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