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Pinhole Leaks

Pinhole leaks – Where do they happen? From the rocky Montecito soils to the crumbly sands of Isla Vista these leaks can happen anywhere. There are a number of reasons for them, but are largely due to the instablility of the surrounding area. What exactly are they? A pinhole leak is a leak in a

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Pool Leak Detection in Goleta and Isla Vista

Pool leaks in Goleta or Isla Vista? Our Leak Detection Specialists are Here to Help! We have performed a number of leak detections in pools throughout Goleta and Isla Vista. It’s usually the same story. Homeowners or apartment managers call us after a warning from the Goleta Water District. The property is far beyond its’

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Find your Santa Barbara Water Leak!

Try These 3 Easy Steps to Locate Your Water Leak Step 1 – Read Your Meter High water bill? Excessive moisture? Do you have an infamous Santa Barbara water leak? Your water meter will tell you. In most homes, the water meter is in a concrete box along the street. Once this box is located,

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Driveway Leak Detection

Tips for Finding a Water Leak Under a Driveway So you’re losing water, lots of it. You’ve shut the meter off at the house and the micrometer continues to spin. The only problem is, between your meter and the house is a long patch of driveway, readily hiding all signs of moisture. Need some tips

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Slab Leak Detection

How to Find a Slab Leak? Do you have water leaking under a concrete slab in Santa Barbara? We’re here to help. In this leak detection video, we will show you how we will find your leak making Slab leak detection a breeze. Step 1 – Thermal Imaging With FLIR Camera Using a FLIR camera,

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