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Santa Barbara Leak Detection Tips

The Scoop In the Santa Barbara leak detection business, we continue to see a variety of household problems that are mistaken for leaking pipes. While we don’t mind coming out for these easy fixes, we feel it is most ethical to share some of our knowledge with the customer. We want to keep the playing

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Santa Barbara Irrigation Systems; Shut off Valves are Important!

Santa Barbara Irrigation Leaks Irrigation leaks in your yard? No shut off valves? You’re not alone. These past few weeks we’ve been working to pinpoint several Santa Barbara irrigation leaks on estates throughout the county. From lavish mansions in Montecito to working farms in Summerland, they all have the same problem; Long irrigation lines with

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Detecting Leaks in Isla Vista

Isla Vista: Leak Detection Central Sure there’s the sun, the fun student atmosphere, and of course the beautiful Santa Barbara county weather, but Isla Vista is one of the main reasons the Santa Barbara leak detection business is booming. Whether you’re looking to buy, rent, or simply work with Isla Vista real estate, there are a

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Local Goleta Leak Detection

Acme understands Goleta Leak Detection Acme Detection employees have worked in Goleta for the past 30 years. Many are life long residents and pride themselves on their local connection. However when it comes to Goleta Leak Detection, there is no shortage of selection. While there are several franchised companies servicing all of Santa Barbara county,

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The “Average Monthly Water Bill”: Understanding Santa Barbara Homeowner Rates

So what is the Average monthly water bill? Explain Santa Barbara homeowner water rates. Concerned Santa Barbara homeowners are constantly calling in trying discern a jump in their average monthly water bill. They want us to explain  the ever changing Santa Barbara homeowner water rates and “the average monthly water bill”. While we can explain Santa Barbara homeowner

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RetroFit Windows Problem

Preface on Retrofit windows This article pertains to leaks caused by the improper installation of retrofit windows. They have inherent problems when installed in incorrect locations, particularly in places without a significant roof overhang. This has nothing to do with the actual quality of a retrofit window or leaks present in the early versions that

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