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Why are Santa Barbara Water Bills High?

Santa Barbara water has some of the country’s most expensive. After connection fees, the city’s average water bill is around $120/month. Gary Fuller, the owner of Acme Detection, has seen monthly water bills hit over $200,000 in this time frame and he wants to help people avoid that. Gary, a lifelong Santa Barbara resident, formed

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How Much Water Are We Really Using?

Historically, Montecito’s large lots and estate style homes have consumed the majority of the region’s water supply. This has made Montecitans one of the highest per capita water consumers in California. Despite having cut total water consumption in half between 2013 and 2017, the district’s residents continue to use over 200 gallons of water per

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Top 10 causes of Santa Barbara Water Leaks

Here is Our TOP 10 List 2018 is just around the corner and Santa Barbara water leaks aren’t getting any cheaper. Recent speculation points to our taps providing some of the most expensive water in the state, if not the country. Every drop still counts and even a small water leak will cost you. Here are

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Five Reasons Santa Barbara has so many Slab Leaks

Here is Our TOP 5 List A slab leak is one of the biggest headaches any homeowner can face. It’s damaging to your home. Your water bill is going to be expensive. You might lose your new hardwood floors. Unfortunately, a slab leak is very common in Santa Barbara. While frustrating, they have their causes. Here

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Santa Barbara Water Leak Report Summer 2019

It’s another Santa Barbara Summer. The rains are long gone and many local water restrictions are still in place. Water should only be appearing in intentional spots. However, we’ve already seen quite a few preventable water leaks this season and we hope this list saves a few Santa Barbarans from unnecessary water damage this summer.

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