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Santa Barbara Slab Leak Detection Service

We are Santa Barbara’s Trusted Leader in Non-Destructive, Accurate Leak Detection.

Did you know?

There are various leak detections that can be detrimental to your property and even your health. Below are the different leaks that you can experience and how they are discovered without destroying your property when you use ACME Detection. We are industry leaders in our area for detection and have the tools and resources to accurately detect leaks on your property. During any of these leak detection services, you can rest assured that your pipes, cabinets or other parts of your structure will not be impacted as our team at ACME Detection shows the highest level of professionalism in the field.

Gas Leak Detection

If you have noticed a steady scent of rotten eggs or sulfur, then you could possibly have a gas leak in your home. When we arrive on the scene, we will use a gas sensor to get a reading of the room. If your gas is turned off and there is still some gas being released into the area, then there is a leak present and it needs to be located. The gas pipes will then be inspected until the leak is found.

Roof and Slab Leak Detection

In order to determine if you have a leak, there is an inspection that needs to be done on the area and ACME is here to help. Older homes will tend to have holes in the slabs and the roof from wear and tear. You may have started to notice some water stains on your ceiling or on your walls. If there is a consistent leak coming down the slabs, it will be identified by the water stains. If there is a roof or slab leak detected, these areas will be identified, so they can be repaired and stop any further damage to the property. 

Sewer Leak Detection

If you suspect there is a sewer leak based on the smell and texture of your property, our team can come out and confirm. We pride ourselves in taking the best precautions and providing the most efficient way to detect your sewer leak with ACME Detection. With the help of a sewer camera and a rod, we can fit in even the tiniest areas of the sewer system and locate the leaks. It is important to have it thoroughly inspected because you could have multiple leaks. 


We provide a fast and reliable variety of services to our local Santa Barbara neighbors.


Our superior leak detection technology can show an actual image of the moisture damage.


Reputation is our most valuable asset, and we appreciate your trust.

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If you suspect that you may have leak problem in your house, call as as soon as possible. Early intervention could save you hundreds of dollars in additional cost caused by excessive water leak damage.

ACME Detection

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Got a Leak? Find it ASAP!

At Santa Barbara, we understand that water utility bills can be quite high, which is why we strive to offer same-day service. However, due to high demand for Gary’s services, we encourage customers to contact us as soon as possible.

Water or Gas emergency after 5:00pm? Not a problem, our phones are on until 10:00pm. A local Santa Barbara leak detection expert will be there, not an answering service. We pride ourselves on being your local leak detection experts and can pinpoint your leak at an affordable price. So no need to worry about leaks in Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, or Goleta, we are here for you.

Why Call ACME?

We are the best leak detection experts in Santa Barbara County. We are locally based and have no franchise fees associated with our business which allows us to provide the fairest leak detection prices. For nearly 10 years, we have been a leader in providing the best, non-destructive, and accurate detection of your leak. Whether it is a hidden pressurized water line, a leaking roof, moisture seeping through a retaining wall, or sewer backup, we can find it. Our experience, resources, and non-invasive methods can protect your investment and save you money.

We’ll Get You Dry Fast

As we’re sure you’ve heard, there is no water to waste in the Santa Barbara area. It is in everyone’s best interest to be water wise and address any leaks that could lead to more severe problems. Be it a hidden water leak, your pool levels constantly dropping, or moisture seeping through a retaining wall, we have you covered beyond just your utility bill.

Our experience and resources are here to protect your property and save you money. We want to help you solve any other problems the leak may have caused in the most efficient manner possible which is why we use our non-invasive detection equipment to pinpoint leaks and keep your water use down.

Upfront Price Estimate

Feel free to call us with any leak questions and issues. We understand how confusing your utility bills and water allotments can be. Any sized leak can be a major headache which is why we do our best to provide a fair leak consultation before going all in. When you call us, you will receive a clear honest explanation of your problem and what we can do to locate the problem areas. We have years of experience finding leaks throughout Santa Barbara and can give you an accurate price estimate for the services you require.

Exact Damage Access

After your leak is spotted, we will assess the extent of the damage. We use only the best American leak detection equipment and through our technology, we can give an actual picture of the moisture damage. We are the original leak detection specialists and can outline exactly what needs to be done in order to address the problem and prevent another one in the future. Whether a commercial or residential leak detection, Acme strives to keep our report as comprehensive as possible so no one is surprised by mold growth or forced to live in hazardous conditions.

The Bottom Line

When your car breaks down, you call AAA and when you think you might have a leak, you call Acme. We have the ability to do pinpoint leak detection and will find your leak fast in order to prevent damage to your investment. We know our reputation is our most valuable asset and we work very hard to keep it. Call ACME Detection today and let us show you why we are Santa Barbara’s leak detection experts!

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