Sewer and Drain lines

Most Santa Barbara area homes have drain and sewer lines that are as old as the home itself. They are usually made of a cast iron that is prone to problems. From blockages to spills, there are a multitude of things that go wrong on a daily basis. These disturbances, while often minor, become serious issues if left untreated. It is important to address any problem with your sewer or drain immidiately as your home can quickly become contaminated.

There are endless ways these pipes can malfunction. We have seen everything from roots growing into the pipes to animals crawling inside and dying. The most common symptom of a broken drain line is the smell-The dreaded stench your pipes were supposed to be carrying away are now returning with a vengence. Another common symptom is a weak toilet flush. If your toilet is only flushing at 50% capacity, it is often because the line is clogged. Homeowners should also watch out for suspiciously overgrown patches of grass. Although sewage smells bad, it is nutrient rich. When a sewer line is leaking into the soil, it gives the grass an additional boost.

If you think you have these problems and might need some additional help to locate and fix the leak, Acme Detection is here for you. With our Duct Hunter locating rod, we have the ability to find even the most hard to reach lines. This includes metal and even plastic drain lines that are often nearly impossible to find otherwise. We can trace the path of the pipe and determine the most likely problem areas. We also use a pipe camera for video inspection. This allows us to view the condition of the pipe’s interior and give you an exact location of the line’s problem areas.