Line Locating

Need your lines located? We are a Santa Barbara leader in public utility line location. Our training and tools will save you money and protect your project whenever digging is required. While private lines are the homeowner’s responsibility, Santa Barbara city owns the public’s. Trust us when we say the city is not merciful when it comes to hitting their lines. Don’t take the chance, give us a call!
 We are here to help. We can locate a variety of utility lines including plumbing, electrical, tv,telephone, gas, and drain lines. We can mark out the path of the pipe, and tell you how far down it is.
 As the old saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry. By scheduling a line locate before starting construction, you will be protecting yourself and your crew from not only physical harm but the liability associated with a disaster. When in doubt, protect your assets and give us a call.