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ACME's Mission

We didn’t invent the leak detection business, we perfected it. We have spent years in the trades depending on other companies for our leak detections and formed our organization to fill in the void. We strive to give the customer a more comprehensive array of services in a timely manner. Call us before 11am and we will be there the same day or we will take $100 dollars off your bill.

While other companies claim they have the state of the art materials and pull out an ancient analog listening device, we tell you what we have and make it our mission to have the best equipment available. Next time you have a leak, don’t spend all day waiting for someone who might show up or be using substandard equipment, give us a call.

ACME's Philosophy

Acme Detection strives to be your full service water intrusion experts. While our business is centered around finding the source of the water intrusion on your property, that is not where our services stop.

After the leak is found, we can help you find a solution whether it be planning the repiping job or treating your property for mold damage.

ACME Detection Services

Line Locating

We can locate a variety of utility lines including plumbing, electrical, tv.telephone, gas…

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Infrared Imaging

Our thermal imaging technology saves you money. From finding the source of the problem to identifying the extent of damage.

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Sewer & Drain

With our Duct Hunter locating rod, we have the ability to find even the most hard to reach lines.

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Roofs & Walls

Paint discoloration spots. When wallboard gets wet from the inside it will often show distenct water marks or staining on the painted surface.

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Slab Leaks

A slab leak can be a major headache if not addressed in a timely manner and unfortunately every year we run into people who wait too long to call us.

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Swimming Pools

As any pool owner knows, it is important to regularly check water levels as they are a sure sign of your pool’s health.

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Expert Consulting

We pride ourselves on our strong ties to the Santa Barbara area. Acme Owner Gary Fuller is a third generation Santa Barbaran and a practicing California attorney. He has spent his life here and can help you understanding your liabilities and legal rights as a homeowner.

ACME Detection Non-invasive Method:
You won’t have to tear up your expensive kitchen floor when the leak is actually in the bathroom.

What Our Customers Say About Us?

Have you ever had to tell 12 condominium owners to their water will be off indefinitely due to leak? I have and trust me it’s no fun for anyone. Fortunately, I haven’t had to do that since I started using Acme. Every time I have a leak, I feel comfortable telling my owners that the problem is under control and that Acme will be out ASAP to find the problem. I highly recommend this company to anyone who needs their leaks found and doesn’t want to wait indefinitely or get someone that doesn’t know what they are doing from many of the other services out there.

— Team HOA, Property Management

Geoff McFarland

I am incredibly grateful for having found Acme Detection. I have been using them for more than three years and have never been disappointed with their services. Before I found them, I was always having to wait at least one day if not two for the other Santa Barbara Leak detection company. I have been a property manager for over ten years and know that when it comes to leaks you cannot wait around. Acme’s response time has always been incredible, usually the same day and now I never even think of calling anyone else anymore.

— Kennedy Acct., Property Management

Kurt Skelton

Dear Gary,

A belated note to send heartfelt thanks for finding the decades long leak! Only you would have been able to discover it! I’m very appreciative too for solving the drain issues- it feels so much better by the pool now. Please thank your helpers again for me.

— Home Owner

Virginia Castagnola Hunter


The deeper the leak is, the harder is to detect accurately. While our normal accuracy is less than the depth of the leak, we guarantee to be within twice the depth of the leak, or you will get a full refund.